Monday, June 8, 2009

Interesting times in our life

Wow, I really have not been posting much on any of my blogs. We've been so busy with everything. When I think of summer I think of lazy days, sitting out in the sun with a lemon-aid, going to the pool every once in a while...HA! Not here! Alyssa seems to have a contest or class of some sort every week, we have an acre of land that suddenly sprouts weeds EVERYWHERE besides the trees to trim, animals to be born, etc. Russ is also back on nights AND Sundays to boot. (ps please pray for our family that we will be able to have Sundays off again)
We're making some interesting plans for schooling next year too. The homeschooling convention this weekend helped me solidify them. We need to do what's best for our family at any given time and for each child. They may all be different and have different needs. Plans may change from week to week or year to year. And, what's great about being a family is that the whole family can make that decision together through logic, prayer, and fasting.
Alyssa is at her Simulations week in Mock Trial from 7am-7pm. She's staying with a host family in South Jordan during that time. It's interesting trying to find 5 good suits or dresses plus a formal to pack, LOL. She won a scholarship to this activity when she won the Constitution Bowl a while ago.
We found a wonderful product at the convention called Discover the Scriptures. It's printable workbooks that help kids go through the scriptures, life of Christ, or Apostles. It has thoughts, fun games, copywork, scripture memorization, and drawing pages. We love it. We're starting with the younger age Book of Mormon for the boys and the older Book of Mormon for Alyssa. In case anyone is interested she also has any Biblical workbooks reviewed by a "non-LDS" Christian for acceptability to all groups.

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We in Minnesota said...

Your kids are getting so grown-up. And the baby is so cute!!!