Friday, July 31, 2009

on with our life

We just spent a patootie load (trying to find a nice word) of money on back to school supplies. But, we had fun. We got a computer backpack for Alyssa since she'll be doing all of her Open High School curriculum on her new laptop. I wanted to make sure it was protected and also easily portable so the school work can go with her while she is in the car or waiting for lessons and such.
The boys each got new backpacks also as well as a big bag of school supplies each.
And, we've been cruising the thrift stores for uniforms.
It's been an adventure following along with two charter schools in their founding year. I think they're both doing amazingly well so far. There is so much to figure out, rules to follow, budgets, teachers to hire, so much.
We prayed this whole month that the boys would get assigned to the best teachers, teachers who would teach the truth and be excited to teach, teachers who would go home at the end of the day and tell their spouse what a great day they had because they helped someone. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day sometimes (I know I have) but most of the time I LOVE to teach and learn everything I can. I would hate to see that love of learning crushed in my kids because of someone who was not satisfied with their job.
Adam's teacher called us today and he sounded like he will fit this description. He sounded happy to have Adam in the class and to have school starting. And.....he didn't flinch when I said that he was previously homeschooled......LOL.......that's important.
Andrew has been running to the phone every time it rings. He wants his teacher to call too. He is so excited for school to start. He loves co-op and thrives on it. I hope that this will fit the bill. I'm anxious to hear from his teacher also. I think I'm more nervous about school starting than they are.
I volunteered to be on the library committee and that's been fun so far. I thought it would be much more frustrating to have to look at a bunch of twaddle and know that it was in "my" library but they're actually going to be very strict about which books come in. There will be many books that go along with the core knowledge sequence as well as classical literature. I love having our well constructed library here at home because the kids read what's available. Adam just finished Moby Dick and Treasure Island, Andrew's favorite are the science readers. I was worried that once they had access to the school library that they would quit reading good literature and bring home junk. Whew, looks like that was a worry I didn't need to dwell on.
The other thing that I heard at the meeting that I'm very happy about is that they're not going to do sales fundraisers. YAY, no happenings books!
Off to bed now, more prayers that it will all turn out well.

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Anonymous said...

You have been busy busy busy!! It will all work out. :) I am glad to hear everyone is doing so well.