Monday, October 5, 2009

I asked for it

Well, for the first time in my life I am not in charge of 9-3, M-F. I totally asked for it! Andrew is sick still so he's home from school. I told him we are going to homeschool this week while he got better. It all started off just great but at 9:45 on the dot he says, "Time for recess!" I figured that was fine and let him play. He came back when he was supposed to and I pulled out some more work. He informed me that it was the wrong work and Mrs. Butterfield does this and that instead. LOL.
I understand now when people have gone to school and other homeschoolers say that they need to de-school for a while. It would take a while to establish that mom was teacher and mom makes the schedule.
I'm having him write his schedule for the week like "normal" because honestly, I LOVE that he has a schedule now and that he's willing to do it all. He loves knowing what he'll be doing and he's happy to do it. I'll go for it.
I'll just have a slight mourning period here. It's not as bad as last week when he wanted more dinner so he said, "Mrs. Butterfield, may I have more?"
Ahhh, the pros and cons of life and can always know that I will voice both about anything I do.

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