Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Camera

The Camera is a canon A590. It was only $109 on Amazon. I have bad camera history...I started with a new one on sale for $50 about 5 years ago. It was terrible. Then I bought another for $150 and was so excited to get it...a poleroid...and it took 10 pictures to get 1 non-fuzzy picture. Then I finally bought a $200 camera, a pentax, and thought my troubles would be solved...nope. It still took a couple of pictures to come up with a non-fuzzy one and the colors always seemed off.
I borrowed my brother's Canon for our cruise and LOVED it. It was so easy and the pictures always came out right. Well, the pentax bit the bullet after only 2 months and it was too late to return it so, I decided I'd just get one like my brother's and it had to be good.
There are more expensive, newer Canons but I wanted one with the handhold part, not flat, and a good optical zoom as well as digital. I also wanted normal batteries instead of rechargables cause I hate it when your rechargables are out and then what do you do?
It works great.

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Cameras are hard for me. I like the big ones, but I also like the small ones. The last one I bought for my purse, I spent all this time researching which one, spent the money, and I hate it! Sigh