Monday, January 12, 2009

so frustrated, celiac's

I am so frustrated! Poor Ana, seems like any time we go somewhere she has a celiac reaction the next day. I don't know if she picked something up at church or at Mom's but she definitely got something. She's been screaming and pooping the whole day.
We're in the process of trying to find an easy rice milk to pop open and pour, that's also Feingold safe.
I've been making all of her food and I need a BREAK!


Anonymous said...

Oh yucky. We have some good friends with 4 year old twins who are celiacs. Those girls stay with us for days, sometimes weeks at a time and it is certainly a challenge keeping them healthy! In fact, they were diagnosed while visiting us. Ugh! Good luck! Poor Ana. That's no fun for her, either. Does she have the play-doh green stinky poop?

.... said...

I have a friend with that and it is very frustrating.

Homeschool Mom of Four said...

There is a great lady on the web dealing with the same thing. Here is the link to her blog:

Just think she is inspirational. I'm sorry for what you are your little one are going through!