Thursday, February 5, 2009

Opera, Liberty Academy

This is for my Liberty Academy pals...I'm posting the links to the opera here for practice so they'll be available. If you lose the link just come to my blog and search (in the top left corner) opera and you'll find the post.

The video is the dwarve's song. Please have them practice it. The link is to the complete opera minus the dwarves song. The more they can listen and sing along, the better this will be.

Click this link to download it

Click this link to play it from the internet


Karies place said...

Would you be ok if I posted a url to someone else's blog who is having a contest on your comments? You could also enter her contest. The idea behind it is to find as many ways to post her contest and then make as many comments per posting her url. (hope that makes sense). If you are not interested, then that's ok. Please leave a response on my blog yes or not. :)


Karies place said...

Ok, sorry I wasn't more detailed. lol I do have 3 contests I have entered, and are posted on my blog. The one contest I'm referring to with you is the one that has the cookie shaped heart button on the right side of my blog. The rules for this contest are, I can post as many times as I want about where I have advertised her contest, but then I need to send her a link to these places so she sees that I truly have posted there. Then whoever posts the most, wins. :)