Sunday, May 3, 2009

Been busy

Wow, I just realized how long it's been since I've really posted here. We've been so busy lately.
#1 priority has been decisions about Alyssa's schooling next year. She has decided to go to Open High School Utah, although "go" may not be the appropriate terminology. It's an online high school where we get to skype conference and use online lessons rather than go to a brick and morter school. She'll be able to get a degree and also take concurrent credits online via the college.
Exciting but definitely a big step for us. I think it will be great though.
My friend and I went to a board meeting last week and we were both very impressed by what we saw. The board members are all working hard to get it going and they all seemed like wonderful people. I have confidence that they will turn out a thorough program with a value system that is important to us.
They will offer the core classes this year and the rest of the classes will come from BYU.
#2 is deciding what to do for the boys. We have enjoyed the K12 online route but I feel like I am lacking in some of the things I'm teaching through K12. We may cut it down and do our own math this year. I LOVE teaching textbooks and although they're expensive, they're worth every dime.
They want to do an engineering class and I don't know a thing about that so we're going to try to find a teacher for co-op who is willing.
Besides their regular classes they have their orchestra instruments, Spanish, and Latin.
#3 is still trying to figure out the gluten free thing. Ana is doing much better since we figured out the celiac. Alyssa really wanted good whole wheat bread the other day and it started me craving also. We just can't do it here because of the crumb and dust factor. Ana also has a lump near her eye. We need to schedule a surgery and get it taken out. That's kind of scary but the dr. said that it should be benign since it hasn't grown much. We're hoping for the best on that.
#4 is exercise. I've been gone for 2 hours a day at the gym. It's worth it, I feel great, but it definitely takes a lot of time out of the day. Twice a week the kids come with me and we all go swimming.
#5-200, just the normal everyday stuff that keeps us busy...spring has sprung, we're planting our garden veggies and trees, keeping up with the new Nigerian Dwarf goats, and trying to get the yard in order.
Now off to bed so we can get a great start to the day.

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