Tuesday, September 23, 2008

more about the new gal

Her name that she came with is Lexie...Cute but...thinking of other names. Goober would totally fit (she's quite the goober and she leaves goobers all over too)
She's an Old English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees mix. She'll be huge. She's actually very well behaved and well trained already. She only plays when we're around and we want to throw her toy around a little. Mostly she likes to lie down and rest. She's great with the animals since Pyrenees are goat guardians.
She doesn't eat much cause she's such a lazy bum.
We got her because someone (an older teen) was hiding in our yard watching our kids...long story short we got a great description of him and then got a dog to bite his #%^$ off if he ever came back (yes, if you're an internet stalker or something you heard right, you're going to be missing appendages if you decide to come back! Nobody messes with my kids!)

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Homeschool Mom of Four said...

How scary! I hope that your dog gets a piece of the creep!

Take Care!