Sunday, September 21, 2008

The new gal

Well, here's the new official gal...cute huh? Now lets have a name contest! Please leave me a message if you have a name idea. She's 9 months old now.


We in Minnesota said...

Don't you have enough to deal with? He is cute. Just remember: he will be a perpetual 2 year old. I think you should name him Zeke or Goober or Homer.

MatschMomma said...

Why not just call him Chomps!
after all that's what you want him to do if your creepy guy comes back.
Or... Roofer, Roofus, Scooby, Moose, or just go with Vinnie (as in Vinnie will break your legs if you come near my house again).
Lol... I asked the boys to help too (I'm sure you can tell).
Good luck with your Bruiser!

Dana said...

She's a girl, come on now...I need girl names!

MatschMomma said...

Hey! you might want to stick with Lexi... do you know what it means!?!?!? It means protector of men. I thought that was cool considering why you got her! Anyway check this link out: