Monday, September 8, 2008

Our yummy bento lunch

Today I made YUMMY bentos.

To preface, we bought a great rice cooker with a timer and brown rice setting for $35 at costco last year

I had brown rice (basmati) soaking all night in the rice cooker and the timer went off so it was ready at 8am for breakfast. We eat it with milk and fresh honey with some spice mixture poured over it.

Then for lunch we used the leftover brown rice. I put some previously frozen meatballs on top after breakfast so they could thaw and get warm (cooker on warm setting)

Then for lunch I made a sweet and sour sauce with some plum jam I made, a glug of apple cider vinegar, 2 TBSP arrowroot(or cornstarch), and a cup of water. You could add sugar if you want too.

We ate this over the rice and meatballs.

On the side I took huge carrots and peeled them...I really mean peeled...just keep peeling so your carrots end up like wide noodles. We just eat the core that's left over. It doesn't peel.

Then I fried them in a TBSP of butter. Some got kind of crispy, they all had this really yummy sweet buttery taste and they looked beautiful. The butter got bright orange and would have been very pretty over rice.

soooooooo good and homey tasting. It reminded me of how my Grandma always had fresh carrots for dinners.

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