Sunday, April 5, 2009

Food Storage seminar part 1 or 9

This is part 1 of a Food Storage Seminar. Click on the video then check the sides to see the rest of the seminar.

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tribudespandas said...

Hello! It's a fun surprise to read you on my blog! Of course, we would like to contact you by e-mail. We homeschool too, in Marseilles, and we are Saints.
They are 3 daughter in our family: Anaïs have nearly 16 (on 19 april); Jeanne-Olympe nearly 11 (on 23 april) and Héloïse 4,5. How old is your daughter?
We can help her for the french language learning by the web.
Our english it's very bad (but our french very good!!!), we learn it. And so, it's very cool to have a pen pal!
Kinds regards! Martine.