Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our happy blessing...

The French exchange student was placed somewhere else and I was very sad about that. We prayed that all would work out right so I'm sure it was meant to be.
I was still left sad though, wondering if I'd done something wrong in the interview or something.

So, the next day I was looking up lapbooking information and came across someone who was LDS who did conference lapbooks. I was excited enough about that but when I looked at the comments there was a comment from someone in FRANCE who HOMESCHOOLS and is LDS and has TEENS! Woo hoo! Alyssa is now corresponding via e-mail and I think that she will learn so much about the culture and language from this. We were blessed with what we needed. She was so excited to get the first letter and look up the translation of the words she didn't understand.

I was amazed at what she knew after only a year of studying French on her own. She had to look up about half of the letter and I think that was great.

Thank heaven for blessings and a Savior who watches out for each and every little thing we need.

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