Saturday, October 18, 2008

A homeschool family

This is for the homeschool blogger school post...The kids made it up and now they want to do a video...You'll have to use your imagination first. It's based on the video and sung to the tune of The Addam's family

Here's our version of the song...created by Alyssa, Adam, and Andrew

Our neighbors think we’re silly
They think we are hillbillies
We want to get a filly
A home school family

We’re dedicated Mormons
We drive a white Suburban
We’re really not that urban
A home school family

We learn about our nation
And Christian education
Some people say we’re brazen
A home school family


We have our own string trio
The violin and cello
Learned how to say “amigo”
A home school family

Get breakfast from an udder
Have recess in the pasture
And feed the chickens after
A home school family

The baby is a signer
Our boys are good inventors
Our daughter is a censor
A home school family


Anonymous said...

Your kids came up with that? It was wonderful and they are very good with ditties :D


Dana said...

Thanks, I think we've created a monster though...they have the video all planned out and I have no idea how to work and edit a video...LOL

tina said...

Cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My children have been begging to make a video all week too. LOL.
Many Blessings,