Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Saturday morning goals

The two things from Saturday morning conference that I'd like to work
on are Simplicity: food, water, shelter, the basics. I don't want
"stuff" cause it messes up my life.
I realize when I keep it simple how much better life is, how much more
we can focus on family.
Usually for conference we do big meals, fun treats, and I'm stressed
out. I decided I didn't have time for that this morning and just made
my usual great big batch of bread. (It also contains bean flour for a
complete protein so don't worry, I'm not starving anyone).
For breakfast we had bread and butter and for lunch we had......bread
and butter! LOL. It was one of the best conferences. I could just
sit and listen and not worry about anything I had to do.

and...behavior at church, reverence in Sacrament meeting. We've
fallen into the bad habit of going out with the baby and taking the
youngest with us. Then he quietly plays around. Not extremes or
anything but enough that we forget the sacred nature of the sacrament.
I don't know quite how but I'd like to work on that also.

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