Sunday, August 31, 2008

free worksheet generator

I just found this worksheet generator. It will come in very handy for copywork pages.
I've been struggling with K12 with Andrew and I think I just figured out why. He needs structure, he needs everything the same. It REALLY throws him off when things are different.
Well, as awesome as K12 is, it is different every day. I finally figure out that our terrible days happen when he has an assignment that he hasn't had before and it's presented in a different way.
He loves their language program but it's the same format every lesson.
He loves science and history, again same format every lesson.
Math and Language arts have different formats of teaching for most lessons. plan is to go back to what we did with Alyssa (and hey, she's a smart gal) and do copywork and narration for Language arts and basic facts and plain worksheets (Saxon style) for Math.
He also loves to use the manipulatives for math and play math-it.

We'll see how this new "structure" works for him.

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Anonymous said...

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