Wednesday, August 27, 2008

oh oh, I've created a traveling monster

This morning I was making an omlette, plain old "American style" (yeah I know it's not really American) and Andrew ran in..."Mom, what country are we traveling to today?" LOL! Now what do I do? I'm going to have to make up a foreign name for everything we eat. Oh well, he's trying a lot more new things now. It's worth it.

Today we got our tiffin boxes and filled them for the first time. We had leftover rice and the garbanzo bean stuff in the bottom, a homemade treat and chips in the middle, and some carrots, green beans, and grapes in the top. Quite eclectic huh?

I let the kids take them outside and picnic on the grass, then ride their bikes. If we can get the little baby trailer fixed we can go on a ride to the park with our boxes. I've been missing our CM nature walks lately.

The big rule I plan to instigate is the washing of the tiffins after lunch. I have a thing with hooks in the kitchen that has misc. stirring things right now. I think I'll reserve that now for tiffin bags.

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