Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Japanese day

As I was trying to figure out non-plastic and non-disposable solutions to lunches for Russ and also for when we go out I came across the bento box or tiffin box idea.
We went with the tiffin boxes from World Market because they were only $10 each and they had a free shipping special. They are also stainless steel which I love. Russ can reheat stuff in his toaster oven at work if he wants something warm.
So in the process of looking up Bento lunches I found some awesome recipes from Japan. We decided to try them out today and now my kids want to "be Japanese till Andrew's birthday". Which by the way is not till November.
Today I made Onigiri and Tamagoyaki for lunch. For the Ongiri we filled it with pineapple jam (I wanted it sweet so the kids could get used to the idea while it was yummy, later I'll try some meat or fish fillings. The Tamagoyaki I just made with eggs, braggs aminos, and sugar. It was really easy and later I might try filling or layering that also.
We ate it with chopsticks to complete the fun.
Afterwards they wanted a Japanese drink and I didn't want to bother that day so we broke out the ice cream...and ate it with...chopsticks!

BTW...Both the Onigiri and Tamagoyaki are frequently eaten cold for lunches in Japan. We are going to have way too much fun with these meals.
I love cheap and how much cheaper can you get than rice and egg? But with those cool names they sound much better than "rice and eggs"

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